Appointment Availability (April 2013)

Here are a few things to bear in mind when you contact me for appointments:

As you may have read, I am a full time Certified Sisterlocks Consultant and Holistic Therapist, working 6 days a week. Most days I start at 8:30 am and work until 10 or 11pm.

If you telephone me while I am working I may not always be able to answer your call (e.g. if I am giving a treatment or in therapy), however, I will ALWAYS acknowledge your call and will call or text to arrange a convenient time to follow up. If it seems to be taking a while for me to respond to your text/call, it is because I am working a series of long days/late nights and I would feel uncomfortable calling you at 11:30 pm, so I'm looking for free time during the day so you have my full attention.

If you email me, please be patient as I do get a fair bit of mail and messages often get snapped up by my anti-spam filter. Using the term "Appointment Availability" in the subject header of your message will ensure your email is flagged as important and pushed to the front of the queue. It can however take up to 72 hours during busy times for a response to be generated. Rest assured I am not ignoring you! I just like to make sure everyone receives the respect and attention they deserve.

If, after I've answered your query, you have no further questions or decide not to pursue an appointment, could you politely respond with a 'thank you'? This way, I will at least know that you received my response.

My regular clients book their appointments 6-8 weeks in advance. This means that when new clients call 'today' they are unlikely to secure an appointment for 'tomorrow' - however, as with any business, there will always be last minute availability due to cancellations or illness. I also ringfence some appointment blocks for new clients so it is always worth calling - I promise I will fit you into the earliest available slot.

Please Note: As of today (April 19, 2013) the next available appointments are in JUNE.

I hope that this helps and I look forward to connecting with you

Be well x