Brotherlocks? What's that then?

Have you ever wondered about Brotherlocks™ ?
You may have heard them mentioned by your Consultant during your consultation or perehaps they were being discussed in an online Sisterlocks™  forum - but what are they exactly?

Brotherlocks™  are a form of Sisterlocks™ . In a nutshell - they are 'Sisterlocks for men'. but honestly, what man wants to say "I have Sisterlocks™ "?  Brotherlocks™  are larger than Sisterlocks™  but still smaller than traditional locks and no they don't have to look girly (Tim Jackson below looks pretty manly to me).

Key Definition
- small uniform locs created with the use of a patented tool and placed according to a specific grid.

Key Differences

  • They are larger than most Sisterlocks™  sizes but can be the same size as the largest Sisterlocks™  parting size.
  • The direction of retightening rotations differs in order to allow the locs to lie backwards (towards the nape) and not 'downwards' (towards the shoulders) as is the case with Sisterlocks™ .

How do I get them?

  • like Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks™  can only be installed by trained Professionals (see and for your local directory of registered professionals).
  • Before installing (starting) Brotherlocks™  you should have a full consultation and sample locs created (just as with Sisterlocks).
  • Brotherlocks™  will take just as long to install (start) as Sisterlocks on the same length and textured hair, however costs may be the same or lower.

Can women get brotherlocks™ ?

  • Why not?

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