Sisterlocks FAQ : Shrinkage

Question: I've been locked for just over a month. My starting length was 14 inches but these days I look as though I only have 10-12. What's happened?

Don't be afraid of the shrinkage! This too shall pass ! #sisterlocks #babylocks #almocado

I remember starting my Sisterlocks with just over 9 inches of natural hair... 6 months later, I swear I still had 9 inches of locked hair :) and 1 month after my install my hair was definitely looking much shorter than on Day 1... So often my clients comment about this shrinking hair phenomenon and wonder if they are losing length (hairfall? breakage?) or if their hair has just stopped growing!

Here is a simple explanation. 

When we start sisterlocks, the process involves manipulating, stretching and weaving loose hair strands into a tight and stable  framework to support the locking process.

Over time, the framework will loosen, particularly in response to regular washing. Curly coily strands love to contract whenever they come into prolonged contact with water - hence the "shrinkage" phenomemon.

Shrinkage is not a totally bad thing - it helps the hair halo look fuller and encourages a curlier look to more loosely waved strands.

So repeat after me: Embrace the shrinkage, it's all part of the process! 

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