Discovering Hairloss...

Today was a challenging day... one of my client's arrived with some disturbing hair loss. Ladies and gentlemen - please LISTEN to your Consultants/Locticians/Stylists : if they tell you to seek a professional opinion re: your hair - don't argue, JUST DO IT!

As stylists we spend a lot of time with your hair, we often see the top and backs of your heads more than you do and become quite familiar with your collection of hair strands and can detect changes very quickly.

The sooner you act, the more likely it is hair loss can be arrested or reversed.

This is what holistic hair care is about - not just locking you up, retwisting your roots, or styling your natural updo but paying attention to the condition of your scalp and the overall health of your hair AND your general wellbeing. I'm not just your stylist - I am your friend.

If you are worried about the health of your hair, TALK to your consultant, he or she is not there to laugh at or embarass you. They can take a look and either allay your fears (in the case of routine shedding) or advise you of something more significant (e.g. alopecia areata or pattern balding). We're not here to diagnose but we can advise - there are herbal remedies we can recommend and there are Trichologists we can refer you to.  Above all - we can often simply be an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on.

Don't suffer in silence. We're here to help.

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