Fruit, vegetable & nut oils for hair care: Introduction

While the overall health of your hair is affected by what you eat, the hardness of your water, your general wellbeing and your styling practices - Fruit, Seed & Vegetable oils can  help to restore & revive dry hair while adding sheen and softness and manageability.

In our search for 'better' products we can overlook the fact that there can be strength in simplicity and our favourite oils have therapeutic benefits in and of themselves BEFORE we even add essential oils to them.

Four of the staple oils we use in our hair therapy (oil ) range are:

  • almond & avocado oil - both of which are rich in fatty acids and vitamins such as A, B1, B2, and E; 
  • organic Coconut oil- an ancient favourite that is able to penetrate the hair strand, and 
  • organic Jojoba oil: a golden colored wax that resembles our body's natural sebum and is composed of long chain fatty alcohols and esters formed from long chain fatty acids - great for the scalp and for conditioning the hair.  
Our blended oils can be used. on your hair & skin, to seal in moisture, provide protection and suppleness.

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In the coming weeks I'll talk more about oils and how they can be used on natural, relaxed and locked hair. 

Be well x