Sisterlocks and Hot Weather - How to Keep my Hair Moisturised


It's hot outside - how can I keep my locs from drying out?

Short answer: Spritz your hair regularly with pure (distilled) water.

Long Answer:  Any moisturising routine will start with water as the foundation. Upon this base we will add ingredients to fragrance, condition, reduce friction, prevent matting (not if you have locs of course, since matting is part of the locking process) and so on.

There are plenty of online resources for moisturising afro/textured hair types so I will focus this one on moisturising locs.

For newly formed/forming locs: we will concentrate on waters and aqueous ingredients such as aloe vera and vegetable glycerin (moisturisers and humectants) to help keep our locs in good form without causing slippage or unravelling.

For established and mature locs we can look at conditioning agents and emollients alongside our waters to add a little sheen or feelings of softness.

Seek Out: Hydrosols, Hydrolats, Water based Spritzes, Blended Water & Oil Spritzes.

These can be DIY or store bought spritzes - just be mindful of the additives.

Key Ingredients to look for:

  • Distilled Water,
  • Aloe Vera Juice.
  • Herbal Distillates or Hydrosols (distilled herbal extracts)

Beneficial Ingredients:
In addition to the above - make sure your spritz contains glycerin or sodium lactate - these are humectants and will help hair feel moisturised and keep the water in and around your hair strands.

  • humectants e.g. vegetable glycerin, sodium lactate

Nice to Have but Newbies Should Use with Caution:

  • emollients e.g. shea butter, olive oil, avocado oil, mac nut oil, almond oil etc
  • occlusive agents e.g. cocoa butter, dimethicone
  • conditioners e.g. polyquats, honeyquat, 

Unfortunately (for Sisterlockers), if you are trying to reduce evaporation after spritzing, you'll need an occlusive ingredient such as cocoa or shea butter or even a water soluble silicone - this is tricky during the baby stages.

Solution = carry a handy size spritz bottle with you and give your hair some 'juice' every time you find yourself reaching for your cup :)

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