Beneath My Beautiful... Living without Hair

What a paradox! To be so passionate about healthy hair and locs, to work with it every day, to empower woman (and men) to embrace their kinks, coils and curls and love themselves just "as I am"... but not have any hair of my own. Sometimes I feel like a childless midwife - but that would be an unfair comparison because I've had that hairy child... I've had it and lost it... so I'd be more like the childless midwife whose own child was stillborn or died in infancy... or in the plague.. or at war.

I am The Bald Headed Loctician.

I had healthy happy hair for 33 years and I am grateful for every moment I had. I developed a particularly aggressive form of alopecia (alopecia universalis) after the birth of my third child. I subsequently lost all my hair - and I am not just talking about the hair on my head, I mean ALL of my hair... EVERYWHERE. No hair on my legs, none on the backs of my arms, or armpits, no eyelashes, no eyebrows, no sideburns, nothing. But I refuse to dwell on what I don't have.

I don't have hair but I do have love.
I have a large portfolio of Sisterlocks, traditional locs and natural hair clients - who care more about my work and how I treat them and their hair than whether I have hair myself.

I am not my hair. I am a mother to 3 wonderful children and wife to an amazing King.
I am a qualified aromatherapist and reflexologist and I love my craft.
I am a cosmetic formulator with my own range of naturally inspired hair and skincare products.

I don't have hair but I am happy.

I am sharing a brief video on how I lost my hair and how I live with that loss - not so you can pity me - no,  I am doing this for all the secret sufferers out there - the women and men who have bald patches (large or small) hidden within their existing hair or beneath wigs, toupees, weaves or headwraps.

Be encouraged. I get you. I feel your pain and your embarrasment. I know what that's like and I want you to know that You don't have to hide forever.

This is my virtual hug - I'm making myself vulnerable, showing the 'ugly' beneath my beautiful so that you can see the beauty within you.

The first video uses music by Labrinth as acknowledged third party content - which may be blocked in some countries, so I've uploaded another video with 'free music' as an alternative.

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