Get Messy Get Twisted - Get Bunned Up!

Who says you can't have fun with your updo?
Where is it written that updos are only for special occasions?
What better way to ride out a heat wave, a hot train commute, a day at the beach than with your hair up and off your neck?

Here are a few pics of my clients 'letting their hair down' (relaxing) by putting their hair up.
(Apologies in advance for the mobile phone pics - we were too busy having fun to grab my  proper camera).

Messy Fun Bun

Twist & Tuck Bun

Even short locs can be 'bunned'

Spiky 'Open' Bun

Folded Bun

Messy 'Open' Bun
(Yup, that's me! ^^^)

Ballet Bun

Darling Donut Bun

Ok, that's it. Now, use this as inspiration and go create some crazy funky fresh buns!

Have fun!!!   :) 

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