What should I do about lint trapped in my locs?

FAQ: What should I do about lint trapped in my locs?


Don't break, rip or weaken your locs trying to get rid of lint!

Source: Jemelle Clark


Always use a GENTLE hand when trying to remove lint. 

source: www.lockrocker.com


Understand the difference between LINT and BUILD-UP!!!!!! 
This can help save your locs!!!

Here are some basic tips for handling lint:

1) ask a friend to gently try to remove large pieces of fluffy lint from the loc with a pair of tweezers

If it is not 'fluffy', it is likely that what you are seeing is build-up e.g. accumulated residue (from shampoo, shea butter, locking wax, gel or conditioner) embedded in your locs -

DO NOT attack this with tweezers ! 

Here are some basic tips for handling build-up:

  1. try an ACV rinse or club soda rinse. (Actually soak the offending part of the loc for 10-15 mins and then try to gently squeeze or work the gunk out).
  2. clarifying shampoo  (leave the shampoo on for about 5 mins or so before working up a lather, rinsing and repeating) 
  3. Bentonite or Rassul Clay cleansing treatment

In either case - if neither technique works you can
a) colour the offending section with a permanent marker or sharpie
b) in very bad cases - take down the loc, remove the gunk and start a new loc.

Prevention is so much better than cure.

Below are some photos of me removing lint and then repairing a client's locs.

Some of the naturally shed hair - that was previously encased in the loc  - and the balls of lint

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