Client 5 is moving on

That moment when a long-term client has to leave *tears*
they're not just clients, they're like precious jewels or blooming flowers to me ...

I've met them at the start of an important journey - very rarely do clients come to me calling Sisterlocks a 'style'. They have done their research and considered their options for ages (maybe even a few years) before deciding that they are ready to invest time and money into transforming their beautiful afros into woven locs. This can be quite emotional for many, and it is always a privilege to be chosen to share in that journey.

Those 2-3 days spent creating those microlocs give us the opportunity to form a bond that is the foundation of our relationship. I can always look back with fondness and remember a film we watched or a joke that was shared that perhaps had us collapsing in fits of giggles like school girls.

As time passes, friendships are strengthened, during retightening sessions we continue to share experiences, struggles at the office, a new significant other, a new baby... discussions about books or films or current events peppered in between morsels on hair care, loc care, wellbeing...

And as with all relationships, when they come to an end, it can be rather painful.
Sisterlocks should never mean that a person is tied to another for maintenance, I firmly believe that all clients should learn how to maintain their own hair - that way, microlocs never become a burden.

Client Number 5, I will miss you dearly - but I know that you will be just fine handling your hair on your own.