Remembering my first client
My first client is almost 3 years old! 


To celebrate, I wanted to repost the article I wrote (on my personal blog) about the experience.

She will soon be moving on into the world of self-maintenance so I just wanted to publicly say THANK YOU. Thank you for trusting me with your gorgeous hair! It was such a risk to present yourself as my first case study - and I appreciate the faith you placed in me, the fact that you believed in me and trusted me to take care of you - girl... I am so grateful. Hopefully, you've enjoyed every moment as much as I have... even that dreaded 'plucked chicken' look as you called it. I wish you all the best and have nothing but love for you. Be amazing. Be beautiful. Be you. xxx


Ladies and gentlemen, I have just completed my first FULL Sisterlocks installation (cue: cheers!) 

With my working hours synchronised with school and nursery timetables - it took me about 3 days. My lovely client is a seasoned professional, owner of her own organic skin and hair care company and had 9 inches of soft Black hair. (Just like me when I started!)

This lady waited patiently for over a year for me to take the class, and I am so glad that I didn't attempt an install beforehand because I was able to offer her a much better service based on what I learned.  

Seriously people, don't settle for step-sisterlocks [please note - I am not talking about tiny locks you've done yourself, (hats off to you if you can do this) or microlocs you've had installed by a reputable loctician: I am referring to locks installed by someone who saw it on Youtube or watched over a Consultant's shoulder and figured they could 'copy that' lol :) ]

If you can afford it - treat yourself to the full experience.  However, l
et me take a moment to emphasise that I really admire ladies like Yahvinah and Thandi who installed their own (micro)locs and rock them like LOC-STARS! (cue: more cheers!). 

The initial expense of Sisterlocks can be prohibitive for some (in which case rock on wid ya badself and do yo' ting!) and of course Sisterlocks are not for everyone - traditional comb coiled or palm rolled locks are just as HOT! (So don't start a war on my page ok?) Just beware of paying SL prices for something that is NOT Sisterlocks... cos that just sucks.

Anyway - I've digressed enough. This is my first client - to respect her privacy her face has been omitted. I just wanted to share a sample of my work, and let y'all know I aint playing around here lol.

Although this was a time intensive (often exhausting) 'thing', one of the best parts of this experience was at the end - when she surprised me with two bags full of gifts!!! Now who was expecting that?

I received a selection of books and an incredible Himalayan Salt crystal lamp - which is supposed to help remove negative energy and promote healing. (She is aware of my hair loss and ongoing health battle). (Read more about them here).
Her generosity and thoughtfulness brought me to tears. I really hope my hair grows back soon. Sectioning locks for her hair really made me miss my own that much more. Oh well - on with the show.

Have a good weekend xxx

And today her locs look like: 

Happy 3 yrs to Client Number 1!!!

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