Got Scalp Issues?

Many of my clients (both loose and locked) suffer with some form of scalp issue.
In many cases, dry scalp can be sorted with changes to your diet (eat more fatty acids and omega fats e.g. avocados, flax seed oil, wheatgerm) and increased water consumption (water with a squeeze of lemon is lovely!) but sometimes we need to use external remedies.

Dry Scalp

Some clients report that using apple cider vinegar (internally) or as a rinse has helped relieve their dry scalps.
Others have mixed Castor Oil with water (1:10 dilution, and always use distilled water) and sprayed this on to the scalp.

Itchy Scalp

Others have applied a warm washcloth/flannel with a few drops of tea tree, peppermint or lavender essential oils to help relieve itchiness and promote a healthy scalp.

Dandruff/Flaky Scalp

If you have medically diagnosed dandruff you should use your medication, however, many clients have found relief using a mixture of Rosemary, Lemon and Tea Tree

If you prefer to have your products ready-blended, let me show you how you can use the products I have formulated. Here's what I recommend:

Shampoo & Conditioner

Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (optional). If you use this please apply and rinse prior to using conditioner.

If you're on a No-oil Regime (e.g. Sisterlocks newbies)

  • Cooling Peppermint & Tea Tree Moisture Mist - spritz directly onto scalp (but you can use this to hydrate and deodorise your hair too !)
  • I will launch the matching Lemon & Patchouli Hydrating Moisture Mist in 2014

If you love Oils

  • Peppermint Tea Tree Cooling Aromatic Hair Oil
  • Balancing Lavender Ylang Aromatic Hair Oil
  • You can apply a small amount of these oils directly to the problem areas on scalp and massage in with a firm but gentle circular motion (using the pads of your fingers not your nails!). 
  • Alternatively you can use heat the oils in a suitable container and use them as a hot oil treatment - make sure the oil is not too hot before you apply it to your scalp, and remember to wash or rinse off afterwards.

If you love Balms

  • I have formulated a lovely, light aromatic salve blended with essential oils to fight itching, combat dandruff, promote healthy growth and calm angry scalps while delivering a shot of vitamins in an emollient base. It forms a protective layer over your scalp and feels as good as your favourite winter coat. Of course, I've named it Salve My Scalp  :)

Keep your scalp protected this winter. 

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