A little bit of sunshine

Right now my soul is filled with sunshine.

It's a 12 hour shift day, I've had back to back clients since 8:30 this morning, one of which was a new client consultation. This lady (N) was so lovely and we had a really great session. 

The next client (C) arrived on time, so I finished up N's paperwork and wished her a wonderful afternoon.

15 mins into C's session, there was a frantic knock on the door.  C gave me THAT look as I excused myself to answer the door. 

Lo and behold it was N:  I asked if she'd forgotten something (people leave, coats, umbrellas and phones all the time!) She said "I forgot to pay you!"

Now how did I forget that?

 And how wonderfully honest of N to turn around and come back to make sure I received my pay? I could have hugged her! (But I'm too shy!)

So so grateful.

So so thankful.

So so blessed.