Flat twisted Mohawk on teenage Sisterlocks

Lady JE visited me for a styling session between Retightening appointments as she had planned an exciting getaway to celebrate her birthday (say 'Happy Birthday JE!)

I hadn't been able to properly crank up my creative juices since my battle with the flu but I wanted to make sure she looked special - after all, my mum always says 'a woman's locs are her crowning glory'! After a quick consultation we decided on a loc-hawk (Sisterlocks Mohawk )

One of the things I love about Sisterlocks is the grid: it really makes parting and sectioning hair so so easy. When I create the grid during Sisterlocks startup (installation) sessions , my goal is take every parting line up, so that whether you decide to 'part' from front to back or left to right, you should be able to find a continuous line on either side of the center part. (I'm a bit anal about this and can get a bit sulky if the client's head won't let me eg due to scarring or even the odd dent in the occipital area).

Having the grid made it easy for me to create even rows of flat twists from the nape upwards towards to the crown. The rows at the front were twisted at an angle to help give the style was definition.
To create height and drama, we left the ends of the twists loose, along with a section of locs at the centre and crown.

All the twists were secure but not tight - I checked constantly to ensure that there was no pulling and no pain, particularly around the hairline - and made any necessary adjustments. I didn't want to use rubber bands to tie off the ends as JE's hair is fragile and I'd worry that loose strands of hair from the loc might get tangled in and/or ripped out by the rubber bands on removal... So I used single loc loops to prevent the flat twists from unravelling.

Was she happy with the results? Yes!

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Sisterlocks Mohawk - flat twisted, low tension #almocado