Natural Hair & Rainy Days

 Recently we've been having what feels like week after week of cold, wet weather. Locs love to drink up the extra moisture in the air but the humidity can wreak havoc on natural hair. The last thing you want after having carefully cultivated your twist out or Afro puff is to end up an hour later with a shrunken misshapen mess. So, here are my 3 top tips for fighting the humidity

1) put away your glycerin spritzes as using humectants in wet weather can promote frizz (humectants help trap water molecules near to the hair strand, causing them to swell in wet /humid weather resulting in the classic poofy look or hair flops.

Naturals: replace the Almocado Moisture Mist with Almocado Silk Spritz
Lock-Rockers: continue with Almocado Moisture Mists but use less often OR pick up Almocado Silk Spritz if your locs are mature.
Permed Hair: No spritz

2) Reach for your creamy leave-ins and seal with creams, hair butters to moisturise and protect your hair. 

Naturals & Loc Rockers: use Almocado Triple Treat Moisture Milk (Avocado, Honey, Almond) as a  leave-in. Apply a light coating of Almocado Hair Oils (Coco Monoi, LavYlang and Peppermint are popular) or a little Salve My Scalp Balm.

3) Apply a silicone based serum. Yes, I said it. Silicones aren't all bad. When used correctly they are not to be feared. They wrap your hair strands in a waterproof coating which will protect from the humidity and rain, and prevent your hair turning into a frizzy poufy mess. 

Just remember that, when using silicone products, you should use a clarifying shampoo (some of which will contain  SLS,SLES, ALS or ALES) These detergents help prevent build-up, so choose the one you're most comfortable with and always follow with a moisturising conditioner.

Nature's Shine by Organic Root Stimulator contains suitable levels of silicones. As does Almocado Anti-Frizz serum.
I don't recommend Silicone usage for lock-rockers. Sorry.

4) Put your hair away. Also known as Protective styling, use a heavy cream or butter to create a sleek bun, beautiful flat twist or corn row style. Alternatively, create a colourful style using a Silk scarf or head wrap.

Naturals: reach for Twist & Twirl butter cream and/or Seal & Protect Hair Whip to style.
Permies: use the same to lay down those edges for a sleek looking bun.
Loc-Rockers: (Mature locs only) mix the TT with a little oil before smoothing into edges and flat twisting or basket weaving into a bun.