So Thankful - AGAIN

Growing up I often heard the saying "God looks after little children... and fools" as a way of explaining how people survive stupid situations (like sticking a fork in an electrical socket) or  or (inexplicably escaped punishment from my mum).

Today I am reminded once again of this grace, because even when I 'acted a fool', God looked after me.

Twas less than 4 days ago, that I shared an experience where I was so tired I forgot to charge a client - and she came back to pay me.

I've been working hard to clear the backlog of  appointments and orders that piled up while I had the flu... and guess what? I forgot to charge another client... AND SHE CAME BACK 15 MINS LATER TO PAY ME.

This morning, it was a mad dash to get my kids off to school and the childminder, before welcoming my installation client.  About half an hour into the installation there was a frantic banging on the door: a stranger stood there with money in her hand "I saw this on your driveway, I think it must be yours". I could have cried. It was the money I had taken out to pay my childcare fees with.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU>

Through all my folly these past 5 days, God has looked after me and made sure I received everything I was owed and that nothing was stolen.


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