Fourth Installation of 2014 - Sisterlocks on Fine Hair

I meet women of all walks of life - and all kinds of kinky, coily, wavy hair types.
Some have naturally big hair... (think about that Angela Davis afro!) and others have fine strands that hang close to their heads. I enjoy working with them all.

However, I have noticed that some women who appear to have thick full Afros, actually have low to medium density (coverage of the scalp) and fine, fragile strands.

Why is this important? Because it affects the outcome of the initial installation: where they've been expecting a full head of locs, they may feel a little disappointed by a slightly lower lock count (e.g approx 350- 400 ) or by seemingly larger spaces between the locs. Neither of these is cause for panic.
After your first couple of washes, those gaps (the lines) will fill in and become less glaringly obvious and as your locs swell and mature, you'll be less caught up by 'how many' and far more concerned by 'how beautiful'.

And on that note, I'll introduce you to the 4th Sisterlocks installation of 2014, and my 39th install overall.

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