True Friendship revealed

Today's lesson: True friendship reveals itself when....

This post is for all the besties, BFFs and sisters.
The ones who give us that final push when we need to spread our wings and fly!

Recently, I've been mulling over a really important decision, kinda scary, definitely outside of my comfort zone... and every time I thought I'd made up my mind another "but what if..." popped up... over and over... until you realise you're just stuck. Too scared to jump but you've come too far to turn back...."

Aren't we lucky when we have that one person, who sees you terrifying the jujubees out of yourself and, having had enough of watching you torment yourself - they give you that kick or push that sends you over the edge....
.... and in falling
... you learn to fly...
which is what you needed to do all along.

Thank God for besties :)

Share it with YOUR besties! xx

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