Sisterlocks installation client 44 - June 2014

Please join me in welcoming Ms Stars & Stripes, my 44th Sisterlocks installation client. 
She has started her Sisterlocks journey with permed ends and approximately 3 inches of virgin roots.

Sisterlocks practitioners do not interlock the permed ends. In my experience this is because locs formed from the processed ends never have the same appearance as the naturally formed Sisterlocks, overtime they can matt and take on a more 'dread-like' appearance unless constantly maintained to behave like relaxed hair. 

As this client was keen to start her locs but reluctant to lose her length, she opted to start Sisterlocks without doing a big chop. She plans to keep her ends curled with flexi rods/perm rods/pipecleaners etc until her natural locs reach the desired length. 

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