Can I start Sisterlocks with permed ends?

Yes, you can, and in fact, it is a wonderful way to start growing your locs without having to do a 'big chop' first. You will of course, need a decent amount of new growth (unprocessed hair) - 2-3 inches works best but trained consultants can start Sisterlocks on as little as 1.5inches of new growth. 

The processed ends are not normally 'sisterlocked' alongside the natural hair, but are left to remain free flowing and may be curled, tonged or bunned as before. From years of observation I have seen that these ends never become locked: they may 'matt up' but they never look or behave the way a natural loc looks. However, with careful maintenance they don't break off either.

What usually happens is that the client gets fed up of having two different textures and cuts the permed ends off once the natural locs are long enough.

Hopefully, you can see these two albums from my official page which show before and after images.

Client # 17: Audrey

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Client #26 MJ

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with permed ends

 after the first trim - a year later

And here is my latest client who's just started and keeps her permed ends smooth and tightly curled.

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