New Bottles for our Aromatherapy Oils

We're changing... But we think it's for the best. 

4 years ago our aromatherapy hair & skin oils were supplied in Amber glass apothecary bottles: this was great for the clinic but not so great for shipping - and as none of the UK mail services would compensate for the breakages we switched from glass to recyclable plastic bottles.

Over the years, we've shipped our oil blends in green, blue, amber and white... And now we're changing again to finish the year with a fresher, more colourful look - reflective of each of our popular aromatherapy blends.

So just so you're sure: same blend (with Avocado, Almond, Argan and Jojoba) - different bottle.

Same blend- different bottle. So don't panic when your favourites arrive in their new jackets 

Thank you for growing with us.

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