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She was doing a castor oil challenge... and realised that our organic Salve My Scalp balm was much better at helping calm her dry, itchy scalp than just the pure castor oil alone.

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NB - Salve My Scalp is normally supplied in white cosmetic jars not the black glass jar shown.

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Castor oil challenge update...
8 days in and the itching at the Crown of my scalp is back. I need my go to miracle product for a healthy scalp in my life! Salve my scalp (pictured above) needs to be back on my scalp at least 2 days a week instead of the castor oil.

It is a hand made mixture of avocado butter, macademia oil, apricot and black seed oils with rosemary, lemon, tea tree oil, basil made by Annette of @almocado which I started using a month ago which relieved my scalp of itching, soreness and sensitivity. 
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