The Brass Man

At Almocado we look after men's locs too. These locs were started by a loctician in the US and are fully mature.

Since he often goes for extended periods between his maintenance appointments (e.g. 3 or 4 months), his locs start to free form at the root and arrive matted together and tangled at the base.

This is why I cannot stress enough the importance of regular retightening/retwisting appointments. Over time, some of his locs became weak and thin and his previous locticians started joining them such that any original Brotherlocks grid is no longer visible and the loc sizes are no longer uniform. 

The image on the left is where we have started to separate his freshly washed locs, (because some of them have started to mesh together at the root). The rest of the locs remain in the bun so we can carefully identify which hairs belong to the loc I'm working with. 

Once separated (untangled) the loc is lightly twisted to wrap  any stray hairs around the main body, before interlocking down to the root. 

The pic on the right is a fishtail braid to keep his freshly twisted locs out of his face. 


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