Aloe Vera!

Ah lov Vera! Do you?

Aloe Vera is widely thought to condition hair strands and help promote shine and moisture - some even claim that it helps to prevent hair loss and dandruff!

At Almocado Naturals​ we use aloe in many of our products - it's the back bone of our popular hydrating moisture mists (available in Coconut, Sandalwood, Peppermint and Cherry)!

If you have an aloe plant in your garden - here's how you can use it to make a quick hair treatment. 

1) Cut 2 or 3 large leaves from your plant. The thicker the leaf the more gel there'll be to work with. 
2) Use a sharp knife to carefully separate the green skin from the jelly-like insides. The yellow sap produced when you cut is actually quite bitter - you may wish to let that run off first or you can wipe t into your hair using the skin of the leaf. 
3) Cut the jelly into chunks. You can either place this in a blender to make it into a puree or you can use it as is: crushing each piece into your hair as you go. 
4) After shampooing (or a good sea bath where hair is saturated with water) - massage the jelly into your hair, making sure that the hair is saturated from roots to tips. You can apply a hot oil or conditioner if you like as well.
5) Cover with a cap and leave for 5 mins (or longer if you like)
6) Rinse thoroughly (make sure you get all the bits out if you didn't puree the jelly) and continue with your regular hair routine.

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