Responses to being repeatedly knocked down

"I get knocked down, but I get up again... never ever gonna keep me down"...
Many have asked why one wouldn't get up again after being knocked down, and whether it depends on who or what is knocking one down.

We've been taught to let nothing stand in our way - to get back up again and never ever let them keep you down! To fight for what you believe in, to fight for what we know to be right... to understand that nothing is freely given, everything you need, every dream you wish to see fulfilled - you must get off your own backside and make it happen!

But... what if your precepts are wrong? What if you aren't meant to win THIS particular battle - this thing that keeps knocking you down - no matter how far you get - it pushes you back and necessitates that you start again...

What if you are only meant to learn the lesson - and the same situation will repeat itself until you learn whatever it is you're meant to learn not until you have won.

Regarding my current situation, I have always thought that it was 'winnable' - I just had to keep fighting for what I believed in... and by being rock solid, the situation (and its associated players) would learn to bend around me and accommodate me - I would win. (After all Dr King made it didnt he?)

But (and I know it's terrible to start a sentence with a but) but lately, I am starting to think that maybe I am wrong - maybe I am NOT meant to be fighting and pushing forward- maybe I should recognise the wall for what it is:

A wall that I am not meant to break through;
a wall that signals the end of one road indicating I should choose another.

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