Year 5

This is now my 5th year living with alopecia totalis/universalis and talking about my story on youTube 3 years ago was one of the hardest things I have ever done, how wonderful to look at it now and not feel the sting!

I will continue to share my story - for all the secret sufferers out there - the women and men who have bald patches (large or small) hidden within their existing hair or beneath wigs, toupees, weaves or headwraps.

Be encouraged.
I get you.
I feel your pain, undeserved shame and your embarrassment.
I know what that's like and I want you to know that You don't have to hide forever.
This is my virtual hug - I'm making myself vulnerable, showing the 'ugly' beneath my beautiful so that you can see the beauty within you.
Be WELL xx

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