Beneath Your Beautiful - In support of our Alopecian sisters & brothers

Beneath Your Beautiful - Beautiful You
Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that affects 1-2 people in every 1000 in the UK (soure: NHS). It occurs when the immune system no longer recognises hair follicles as a part of the body, and treats it like a parasite or foreign body, attacking it and causing hair to fall out and impeding or preventing regrowth.
Alopecia is seen as a 'cosmetic issue' and NHS support (wigs, counselling, support groups, treatment options) vary widely according to the part of the country you live in. Far from being just a superficial beauty issue, alopecia sufferers can experience ridicule, bouts of depression and personal struggles with self esteem and confidence.
This event aims to highlight and encourage all forms of beauty, all hair types and all heads: with or without hair! Come celebrate the unique beauty beneath the head wraps, hats and wigs as we help raise awareness of the many forms of Alopecia and some of the amazing women who live with it.
We'll be sharing beauty, skin and hair care tips and discussing how to embrace and enhance your beauty and 50% of ticket sales will be donated to Apolecia UK to support their ongoing work with men and women living with the disorder.
Where: Almocado Naturals, Harrington Way, SE18 5NR
On The Agenda 
  • Free goody bag for all attendees
  • Beauty & Styling Tips
  • Professional Makeup Artist demonstration,
  • Haircare advice and Product demos
  • Free Mini Massages throughout the event
  • Selected vendors on hand.
  • Products on sale
  • Refreshment Platters
There is also a raffle prize to be won with products donated by female entrepreneurs in support of their sisters & brothers with alopecia.
This is the first in a series of intimate evenings and afternoons with Almocado.
I'm looking forward to seeing you there.


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