Keeping Your Locs Clean


Model uses the Stage 1 Seaweed Shampoo by Almocado.

Tips for when you wash (which you're probably already doing but can't hurt for me to repeat)

1. If you're braiding and banding don't plait too close to the scalp. Start the braid higher up so that you have clear and easy access to the scalp - minimising the likelihood that any debris gets tangled in the roots.

2. If you're not b&b, wash in four sections, keeping the others out of the way with hair ties/bands to prevent debris & runoff from one section flowing into another. 

3. Always flush the scalp first with warm
Water to help lift any oily residue (eg natural oils, product) and debris (eg dead cells, dust, pollen). 

4. Apply shampoo and smooth through scalp and roots. Don't lather yet, let it sit and chemically start to dissolve any oils/attract dirt.

5.  Now  massage  (DONT SCRATCH) the scalp first, to help lift stubborn or embedded debris. Pay attention to problem areas or patches. 

6. Gently work through ends (don't be too vigorous) and rinse thoroughly. 

7. Repeat shampooing and rinsing process. 

8. If you've spent 2 min shampooing, spend 3-4 mins rinsing to ensure that all bonded oil and debris is flushed from the hair and not just moved further down the hair strands or to another section of hair (this will leave an oily soapy residue that we don't like) 

9. If your locs still have bits in them / don't look perfectly clean: wash again. Do not retighten hair with bits in xx

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