Sisterlocks FAQ: Can You lock Short Hair?

For Sisterlocks purposes, 'short hair' is defined as hair less than 3" in length. Can it be done? Of course it can!

Sisterlocks can be started on hair as short as 2" and - in the case of permed ends - we can work with as little as 1.5".

When the hair is this short, it is difficult to start the loc via the traditional method (using our fingers); therefore we rely heavily on the hook tool to grab the short hairs and form each loc. 

In the pictures below my client had previously rocked a shaved side which she grew out prior to her installation date. We established locs in the longer sections of hair first, then created a matching grid in the shorter section of hair; ensuring that everything lined up neatly.

The client left with 444 locs. #client40

The client below, started with approximately 3" of hair and is the shortest 'full head' sisterlocks establishment I've done to date. This client walked away with 493 locs #client20