Seek Out and Celebrate Beauty

This weekend, London experienced another terror attack - while the nation was still coming to terms with the young lives lost in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert... 7 more have fallen and almost 50 injured.

Many have commented that this is nothing compared to those losing their lives and limbs during the bombings happening in the Middle Eastern territories under conflict - and while I understand that argument I must point out that for the people walking around in London - they are not in conflict. There is no civil war here, and while there is political discord there is no political unrest or upheaval of the violent kind. Noone expects to be killed at a concert or while sitting in a restaurant or bar to prove a point. I'm not going to argue about who started it or whether 'the West is reaping what it has sown' - it is my belief that terror is never okay.

In response to the darkness around us, my youngest daughter suggested we explore our neighbourhood and look for beautiful things to remind ourselves that the world in which we live is still full of good.

Here is my quote for the day and the photos we took:

"Our lives can easily become choked with weeds and pollution, 
darkened by the cruelty and injustices around us, 
but be like the bees this week:
 seek out beauty and nurture it, drink from it, then share it."--- Annette Clark Headley, CEO Almocado London

"London will not cower... When Londoners face adversity we always pull together. We stand up for our values and our way of life. We stand together." --- Mayor Sadiq Khan

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