Me: Welcome to the Spotlight, tell us a bit about yourself. 

GM: Well, I have Sisterlocks and I've had them since December 2003. Two years later I completed the Sisterlocks training (2005).
I had planned to launch my business  " BBLC" : Beautiful Braids & Locking Company straight away but unfortunately my beloved Grandmother became very poorly and passed away (Dec 2006). She died 4 weeks after my Grandson was born. 

I'm back on track now and the name of my Business is Natural I Am or N.I.A

The hardest & most challenging part of being an entrepreneur is continuing to pursue the dream of being a Certified SL Consultant. 2006 was particularly challenging as I was trying to juggle Sisterlocks while working as a full time Manager, serving God & running a household as a single woman.

I decided to stop taking on new customers in 2007, instead focusing on looking after my existing clientele -  those I had installed/established  - until I moved to Bletchley in Milton Keynes.
As a testament to my dedication, I decided to return to my SL passion,  but not before attending the Refresher in October 2016. Offically, I'm still a "Trainee Consultant" but I've learned so much along the way and although the years have flown, I'm NOT giving UP!

Me: Tell me more about your Sisterlocks business

GMI offer local Mobile appointments (with additional payment for Mileage) & I converted my Garage into a Salon ( I didn't have a Garage in Chingford, London! LOL)
  • I offer the naked truth about the Sisterlocks Haircare System and consult on Remaining Natural with Purpose
  • I advise all my customers to use the SL products for the first 12 months but if it doesn't agree with their scalp/skin or hair I will always inform them about other products - Almocado, Bourn Beautiful, Nylah, Afrocenchix  etc - as I support British brands.
  • Readers can get in touch with me via Facebook, or email me on

Me: Thanks for sharing with us today, Gillian, we wish you continued success with your business. Keep shining!

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