I've been sisterlocking hair since 2010 and realise that, since I use a variety of media to communicate with you, it may not always be easy to find my installation (loc start up) photos.
So - I've sat down and put them all on this page - in a fairly organised manner. I hope you find it helpful :)

 I share Sisterlocks ™ Installation Photos in 3 main places:

1) Here on this blog. 

You can use the links below 

or click on the "Installations" label in Tag cloud to the right

2) on my youTube channel

3) AND (if you still want more), please check out my Facebook page with over 30 installation albums to choose from!

And here is a snapshot of my clients to date:



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Please note that this is just a small selection of my portfolio - please visit my facebook pages for much much more.