Almond & Avocado are pleased to offer Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks in South East London.

What are SisterlocksTM?
SisterlocksTM are micro-sized uniform locks created as a result of a precision parting grid, and the use of a patented tool that helps weave individual strands of hair into the desired locking framework. The SisterlocksTM method does not require the use of waxes or gels and a Sisterlocked client will normally have between 400 and 500 easily styled locks.

How do SisterlocksTM differ from other locks?
SisterlocksTM differ from traditional cultivated or ‘dread’ locs by the technique used to start and maintain them and also by the sizing and placement of the individual locs.  The SisterlocksTM method uses a precise parting grid, and a tool to produce small easily styled loc. We do not use any locking waxes, gels, creams or hair extensions; SisterlocksTM is quite simply an interwoven framework designed to naturally encourage and support the locking process in tightly textured hair.

Who can start my Sisterlocks?

The SisterlocksTM method is trademarked and you should also visit a licensed professional (Certified Consultant or Consultant Trainee) in order to guarantee the best possible experience and authentic results.

What should I expect from a SisterlocksTM Professional (Trainee/Consultant)?
Expect a caring and knowledgeable professional who will give you the full SisterlocksTM package (Initial Consultation, Locking Session, First Follow Up visit, and your personal Starter Kit).  Expect  a full Q&A session and guidance on what your SisterlocksTM journey will involve particularly during the early stages.  If you are happy to proceed, you will receive sample locs during your Consultation; and there should be a minimum pperiod of 14 days between consultation and installation date

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